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Altitudes Tennis offers fun and friendly tennis programming to maximize your enjoyment, development, and physical fitness during your stay in ‘Red Rock’ country!
Regardless of your current skill level, we are dedicated to taking your game to new heights! The Altitudes Tennis team delivers a tennis experience combining fun, exercise, and improvement amongst the magnificent backdrop of Sedona.
While you may just be looking for a fun and new way to enjoy a great workout while on vacation, there are many additional benefits of playing tennis in Sedona! At high altitude, the tennis ball will fly faster and farther. This means you will develop quicker reflexes, improved timing, and heavier spin for control! And, many Olympic and professional athletes from around the world come to this region to enjoy the numerous benefits of high altitude training. You can do the same – bolster your physical fitness while adding potency and precision to your game! Our pros have years of coaching experience and have competed at the highest levels in junior, collegiate, and professional tennis.

Check out our ‘About Us’ page, and we look forward to seeing you on the court!

Tennis Lessons in Sedona Arizona

Brian Grooms – Co-Founder / Director

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The Altitudes Tennis Team 

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Trent Hayward – Co-Founder / Director


Maximize your Sedona experience by joining us on court for top notch tennis programing in the great outdoors!


We customize your tennis sessions to maximize your enjoyment and fitness by delivering exciting drills, hitting sessions, and games.


Improve your fitness, timing, reflexes, and spin in the altitude of the high desert! Contact Altitudes Tennis to schedule your private lessons or challenge a pro.